February 2012

Animals: The Definitive Visual Guide

Children; and let’s face it, adults too; are visual creatures and will learn and remember far more from pictures than they ever would from words. Animals: The Definitive Visual Guide shows the world’s diverse animal population with colorful photos and wondrous descriptions that will keep children wanting more.

It’s not often that children read a book and immediately want to learn more about the subject, but my child read some of this book and then asked me to look up more information about the animals on the Internet.

If you have someone in your family that has an interest in animals, then you need to get this book. The pictures are visually stunning. Each animal featured has snippets of information to accompany the photos. There is information in this book that not even the parents will know about. I know, I learned a lot from the book as well.

Make Your Own Nature Journal

How many of you out there like to walk the woods and take note of the world around you? Are there specific area of nature that you enjoy such as plants or animals? Do you have a knack for drawing, but just can't decide on what you want to draw.


Put your pen to paper and create your own nature journal. This is a fun way to examine the world around you and create a lasting memento of your travels. When you see a plant or animal that you like, sit down and try and sketch it. It might be a little difficult if it is a larger more skittish animal like a deer or a raccoon, but you can be pretty safe around insects and birds.

Primitive Wilderness Living and Survival Skills

Have you ever toyed with the notion of chucking all the trappings of modern society and getting back to nature...completely? Or have you ever found yourself wondering how our more primitive ancestors could get by with all the modern conveniences we embrace in our everyday living? I have. There's just something fascinating about living on what's available around you and getting back to a simple, primitive lifestyle, far from what I've always known.


That's why when I found a copy of John and Geri McPherson's book Primitive Wilderness Living and Survival Skills: Naked into the Wilderness at a flea market, I couldn't resist picking it up. First, it's important to mention that if you're looking for a funny how-to, this is far from it. The McPhersons have put together this book with the intent of sharing the true essence of basic human survival, sans any type of modern convenience or intervention.

Tornado!: The Story Behind These Twisting, Turning, Spinning, and Spiraling Storms

Living in the Midwest, tornados have become a common occurrence with a number of funnel clouds being spotted every year. Rarely, do we get a touchdown in a populated area, but the phenomenon fascinated many young people.


Tornados start as mere severe thunderstorms, but when the clouds begin to rotate, they can become one of nature most devastating disasters with winds reaching speeds well in excess of 100 miles per hour. When one of these massive funnels come in contact with a home, it can make it look s if it simply exploded while leaving the house next door completely intact.