Nature Kaleidoscope

Nature Kaleidoscope

Anyone who's had the pleasure of sitting in a meadow in the springtime or taking a walk through a butterfly garden knows that the colors and wonders of nature are truly amazing. Creatures big and small, plant and animal, come in so many dazzling shapes, colors and sizes, the world is truly a work of art when you stop to smell the roses.

Appreciating the artistic flair of the outdoors' natural beauties can really be inspiring to children and adults alike. I think that's what makes Lee Anne Snozek's coloring book, Nature Kaleidoscope so appealing. She's taken the natural beauty of flora and fauna and drawn it into amazing kaleidoscope-like images to be colored by parent, child, teacher and student.

I bought this coloring book for my kids and found my wife and I enjoying it just as much, if not more. Snozek's choices of animals and flowers run the gamut from beetles to sunflowers, and are artistically combined in stunning designs.

My kids love to color the different animals and insects realistically, so if we aren't sure what colors to choose, we help them look the little creatures up on the Internet or in books and magazines. It's a lot of fun and my kids are learning about nature's beauty at the same time.

If you're looking for a coloring book that strays from comic book heroes and children's show personalities, I think you might enjoy Nature Kaleidoscope. It's a different take on the natural beauty all around us, and after the pictures are colored, they make unique decorations or fun gifts to send to grandma in the mail.