First Nature Encyclopedia

First Nature Encyclopedia


When I was a kid, there was no Internet to look up everything and I had to use an archaic form of information called... books. My family had a set of encyclopedias that we got over time from the local grocery store.

I would spend hours just looking through them and leaning everything I could about everything. First Nature Encyclopedia is the nature equivalent of an entire set of encyclopedias. It's only one book, but every question your child will have about nature can be found within its pages.

Books may be a thing of the past, quickly being replaced by e-readers and binary code, that but it's important that children remember that books are still an important part of education. The First Nature Encyclopedia is the perfect book for any child interested in learning about the plants and animals of nature.

It's a reference that your child will use throughout their school career and one that they will treasure.

The problem with websites and electronic data is there is no connection. I had a connection with books and children are getting that with computers and e-readers. Data seems temporary while books are tangible.

The First Nature Encyclopedia is the type of book that connects with a child. It's the kind of book they give to their own children. You won't find a better nature encyclopedia on the market and my children already love this book. They love it more and more everyday and so will your child.