Animals: The Definitive Visual Guide

Animals: The Definitive Visual Guide

Children; and let’s face it, adults too; are visual creatures and will learn and remember far more from pictures than they ever would from words. Animals: The Definitive Visual Guide shows the world’s diverse animal population with colorful photos and wondrous descriptions that will keep children wanting more.

It’s not often that children read a book and immediately want to learn more about the subject, but my child read some of this book and then asked me to look up more information about the animals on the Internet.

If you have someone in your family that has an interest in animals, then you need to get this book. The pictures are visually stunning. Each animal featured has snippets of information to accompany the photos. There is information in this book that not even the parents will know about. I know, I learned a lot from the book as well.

If the photos and information wasn’t enough, the book was created with the help of the Smithsonian. You know that anything with the Smithsonian’s name on it is quality. You can’t get a more reputable source than the nation’s leading museum.

If you have a child that loves animals or need a colorful book for your coffee table, then Animal: The Definitive Visual Guide is the book for you. You’ll be amazed at the crazy colors of the baboon and be amazed to learn surprising facts about African elephants and other animals. The world is filled with animals and this book lets you catch a glimpse.